Discover Upcoming Events at Mt Zion United Methodist Church in Towson, Maryland

Are you looking for exciting events to attend at the Mt Zion United Methodist Church in Towson, Maryland? Located at 501 Hampton Lane, Towson, the church is a part of the Baltimore-Washington United Methodist Church Conference and is led by Pastor Daniel and his team. They are committed to providing a warm and inspiring atmosphere for all who visit. The Mt Zion United Methodist Church offers a range of events throughout the year. From weekly services to special holiday celebrations, there is something for everyone.

The church also hosts a variety of special events such as concerts, lectures, and workshops. These events are designed to bring people together and provide an opportunity to learn more about the church and its mission. The church also provides a variety of outreach programs and activities. These include community service projects, youth programs, and educational opportunities. The church also hosts special events such as movie nights, game nights, and other activities that bring people together in a fun and meaningful way. If you're looking for upcoming events at the Mt Zion United Methodist Church in Towson, Maryland, you can find out more information on their website or by calling the church office.

You can also follow them on social media to stay up-to-date on all of their upcoming events. Whether you're looking for a place to worship or just want to get involved in your community, the Mt Zion United Methodist Church is an excellent place to start.

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