Towson United Methodist Church: A Historical Journey

Towson United Methodist Church is a large United Methodist church located in the historic Hampton subdivision of Towson, a suburb of Baltimore County, Maryland. Its history is deeply intertwined with the political and sociological trends of the United States, from the 19th century to the present day. The church was founded in 1839 by Methodist Episcopal Minister Daniel Helpler, and was dedicated and inaugurated for Towsontown's first public church service on Sunday, November 10th. In 1861, the congregation was divided due to differing opinions on the use of instrumental music in the church. This led to the formation of the Methodist Protestant Church.

However, in 1895 both groups came together to celebrate a great revival in Towson. Over the years, members of the Towson Methodist men's group and the Society of Women of Christian Service (now United Methodist Women) have supported Meals on Wheels, the League of Women Voters and Head Start, in addition to volunteering at local hospitals and at the Maryland School for the Blind. In 1939, the Methodist Episcopal (ME) and Methodist Protestant (MP) denominations merged in the United States, and the two churches in Towson were known as First Methodist Church and Second Methodist Church respectively. In 1968, with the merger of the United Methodist and Evangelical Brethren denominations in the United States, the current name - Towson United Methodist Church - was adopted. Today, Towson United Methodist Church is actively involved in mission work both at home and abroad. The Susanna Wesley House for single mothers is one example of their commitment to helping those in need.

Reverend Dr. David Miller and his wife Sandi (an ordained minister in the United Methodist Church) have led mission teams to countries such as Russia, Kenya and Honduras. Additionally, they are actively involved in Habitat for Humanity projects. Towson United Methodist Church has a long history of providing spiritual guidance and support to its members and community. From its inception in 1839 to its current mission work around the world, it has been a beacon of hope for many people.

As it continues to grow and evolve, it will remain an integral part of Towson's history.

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