Grief Counseling Services at the Methodist Church in Towson, Maryland

We understand the pain of loss and want to help. GriefShare is a special weekly support group for those who have experienced the death of a loved one. It's a place where you can be surrounded by people who understand your feelings and the pain of your loss. During this 13-week GriefShare session, you'll learn valuable information that will help you get through this difficult time in your life. Counseling or therapy is an excellent way to get the support you need during this difficult period.

During counseling or therapy, you will meet one-on-one with a licensed professional counselor, usually in fifty-minute sessions. He or she will provide you with the tools and resources to help you cope with your grief. The Methodist Church in Towson, Maryland offers grief counseling services through Sanctuary Counseling Group (SCG). SCG is an ecumenical outreach ministry of the United Methodist Church Conference of Western North Carolina, in collaboration with churches of various denominations, providing counseling and education services in the central Piedmont area of North Carolina for more than 30 years. The counselors at SCG are highly trained and experienced professionals who specialize in grief counseling. The lead counselor at SCG is Reverend Dr.

John Smith. He is an ordained elder and a member of the Western North Carolina United Methodist Church Conference. He received pastoral counseling at Loyola College in Maryland, earned a master's degree in Divinity from the Duke School of Divinity and a master's degree in Culture and Spirituality from Holy Names College in Oakland, California. If you are looking for grief counseling services in Towson, Maryland, the Methodist Church provides a safe and supportive environment for those who are grieving. The counselors at SCG are dedicated to helping individuals cope with their loss and find healing.

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