Towson United Methodist Church: A Place to Belong

The Congregation of the Trinity is a long-standing Methodist church in Towson, Maryland, with a rich history of traditional worship and community involvement. Established in 1839, the church began as a small group of Episcopalians meeting in the Epsom Chapel. In 1968, the church was renamed Towson United Methodist Church to reflect the merger of the United Methodist and Evangelical Brethren denominations in the United States. The church is located in the historic Hampton subdivision of Towson, a suburb of Baltimore County, Maryland.

The building is an impressive sight, with its prominent spire and dome reaching 235 feet (72 m) into the sky and its capacity for 1,000 people. The spire is topped with a 9-foot (3 m) gilded porcelain cross that can be seen from 3 to 8 km away on the ring road. The building was constructed in 1958 by Alfred Hamme University and is built of red brick in the Georgian architectural style. After World War II, attendance at major Protestant churches increased significantly in the United States.

At Towson United Methodist Church, members come from all different backgrounds and experiences with churches. Regardless of your background or prior experience with churches, you'll find a place to belong at Trinity. The church supports a variety of charities such as ACTC, MCVET, Maryland Veterans Education and Training Center, Pleasant Plains Elementary School, Towson University and Seafarers. Donating to the church is seen as a way to make a difference in the world and support these charities.

At Towson United Methodist Church you'll find a community and a place to call home regardless of your background or prior experience with churches. We all come from different backgrounds but we are united by our faith and our commitment to making a difference in our community and beyond.

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