Does the Methodist Church in Towson Maryland Offer Spiritual Counseling Services?

Are you looking for spiritual counseling services? If so, the Methodist Church in Towson Maryland may be able to help. With Maeba Jonas' expertise and experience, as well as the resources provided by Sanctuary Counseling Group, you can find the support you need to grow spiritually. Whether you are an individual, couple, family or group, you can benefit from the spiritual guidance offered by this church. At the Methodist Church in Towson Maryland, we provide a range of spiritual counseling services to help individuals, couples, families and groups. Our services are based on knowledge and resources from religious traditions and behavioral sciences.

We offer one-on-one counseling sessions with a licensed professional counselor, usually lasting fifty minutes. Maeba Jonas is an ordained Christian minister at the United Church of Christ (UCC) and an elder of the Western North Carolina United Methodist Church Conference. She has extensive experience in pastoral counseling and has received her master's degree in Divinity from the Duke School of Divinity and a master's degree in Culture and Spirituality from Holy Names College in Oakland, California. Sanctuary Counseling Group (SCG) is an ecumenical outreach ministry of the United Methodist Church Conference of Western North Carolina, in collaboration with churches of various denominations. SCG has been providing counseling and education services in the central Piedmont area of North Carolina for more than 30 years. At the Methodist Church in Towson Maryland, we understand that spiritual growth is an important part of life. Our spiritual counseling services are designed to help you find the support you need to grow spiritually.

We provide a safe and supportive environment where you can explore your faith and find guidance on your spiritual journey.

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