Outreach Programs at Towson United Methodist Church: A Comprehensive Guide

The people of Timonium United Methodist Church are devoted to providing a wide range of outreach programs that benefit the local and global community. In 1939, the Methodist Episcopal (ME) and Methodist Protestant (MP) denominations in the United States merged, and the two Methodist churches in Towson were renamed First Methodist Church and Second Methodist Church. After World War II ended in 1945, attendance at major Protestant churches across the US increased significantly. In 1968, the churches merged again and adopted the name Towson United Methodist Church.Towson United Methodist Church is a large church located in the historic suburb of Towson in Baltimore County, Maryland.

Reverend Ransom was the chief minister of First Methodist Church of Towson at the time of the 1952 merger, and later became prime minister of Towson United Methodist Church during its construction and first decade. The current name was adopted in 1968 to reflect the merger of the United Brethren Methodist and Evangelical denominations in the US. The Epsom Chapel was inaugurated for Towsontown's first public church service on Sunday, November 10, 1839. Led by Methodist Episcopal Minister Daniel Helpler, it was a divided congregation in 1861, on the eve of the American Civil War, with loyalties split between North and South. After World War II ended in 1945, major Protestant denominations experienced rapid growth, especially in more prosperous suburbs. To increase its appeal to the larger Towson community, Towson United Methodist Church now calls itself Towson Church and offers a Sunday worship service that combines traditional and contemporary elements. The church building is an L-shaped structure with a main sanctuary on a north-south axis.

It was completed in 1958 by Alfred Hamme and is built of red brick in the Georgian architectural style. The illuminated spire is topped with a 9-foot (3 m) porcelain-enameled golden cross (3 to 3 km) that can be seen from 3 m (3 to 3 km) away on the ring road. As Civil War tensions rose in the 1850s, local Methodists continued to worship together at Epsom Chapel. Towson United Methodist Church offers several outreach programs that serve people both locally and globally. Sanctuary Counseling Group (SCG) is an ecumenical outreach ministry of the United Methodist Church Conference of Western North Carolina that has been providing counseling and education services in central Piedmont area of North Carolina for more than 30 years.

The church also supports other programs that help people around the world. The church's outreach programs are designed to meet a variety of needs. SCG provides counseling services for individuals, couples, families, and groups. It also offers educational programs such as parenting classes, financial literacy classes, and support groups for those dealing with addiction or grief. The church also supports global outreach programs such as mission trips to Haiti and Guatemala. Towson United Methodist Church is committed to making a difference in its community and beyond.

Through its outreach programs, it seeks to provide support and assistance to those who need it most. Whether it's providing counseling services or supporting global outreach initiatives, Towson United Methodist Church is dedicated to making a positive impact on its community.

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